So much fun to laugh at ourselves

When it comes to motherhood, we are more alike than different. Here is my personal take, from 14 years of sizing up moms – about what our diaper bags (or lack thereof) reveals about us.

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Should a 13 Year Old Wear Make-Up – Be Sure to VOTE

What Would You Do?


Really, sometimes the way people act is maddening.  Especially when they act in intolerable, rude, and downgrading ways to their own children. The problem is that reacting, or even knowing how to react to these situations is difficult at best.

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Moms On Facebook!

Oh yeah, we all love it.  Let’s be real, every day we can escape our lives for a few minutes and take a tiny little glance into the lives of other people by simply logging into Facebook. Best part is its fun.

But you have to wonder, is everything you read on Facebook real?  Here is my take on things, and along with some pretty scary admissions and just enough humor, I have to believe about this….I am right!

So PLEASE, read and let me hear your comments.

Is Gas Costing You Your Life……


Sure, gas has gone up.  Again!  But there has to be something to learn from this economic fiasco, right?  How about some lessons on codependency and sorting out priorities!  See, even with gas prices there can be a silver lining. 


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Play-Doh, Moon Sand & All Things Evil!


As a mom, you have to admit that certain inventions for children, while wonderful for creativity and development – are hellish for mom.  On the top of the list, play-doh!  But finally, I have found a reason to be grateful, YES GRATEFUL, even for play-doh.  Find out why right here, and please feel free to comment!  ALso, check me out on facebook anytime, I welcome any ideas from moms about what to write about next!


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