Got a Daughter? Let’s talk Periods!

From the day you brought her home from the hospital, you knew that someday – your little girl would grow up into a…dare I say, WOMAN?

Today, take a look at my guest post over at Professors House, where I give you the details about how I handled the menstruation subject with my kids.  Every family is different and every mother will approach the issue in in her own way.  Whatever works for you is fine.  Just remember, that your reaction to ALL of the issues involved with growing up will play a large role in how well your daughter handles puberty.  The more uncomfortable you are – the more unsure SHE will be. 

Hope the post helps, and please feel free to share with us how you handled or plan to handle Periods, Kool-Aid and Preteen Daughters….

Dear Life #5

Dear Apple Dorks,

Thanks so much for making a product that the average teenager feels like they cannot live without.  Its not bad enough that parents have to worry about cigarettes and alcohol and drugs as a result of peer pressure - but now we also have to worry about how in the hell we, as parents, are going to afford an I-Phone for out teens -so that they, as teens can be free to feel like a normal part of society. 

And of course, since the cost of these coveted I-Phones is freaking outrageous, parents are now trading in savings bonds and pillaging college savings in order to make sure our kids can get one.  Not to mention the fact that teens are now only willing to do chores to earn allowance to pay for MORE data usage, Otter boxes and all the other useless accessories that these phones ‘require.’

And while I’m at it.  Did you have to make a product that actually talks?  Teens already dont talk to their parents enough and Suri has only given them more reasons NOT to ask mom and dad the important questions. With all the advances in technology that you have available at your fingertips, couldnt you have just made Suri our ally, by programming her to say, “go ask your parents,” everytime they asked her something?  Seriously!  Epic Fail.

Iphones, like Facebook should be for adults.  Or only those old enough to pay for them themselves.  Now, where’s the app for that?

Apple.  You SUCK.    (But I sure do enjoy MY I-Phone)


Parents of Teens