How a Plumber Saved My Marriage

Can a plumber really save a marriage, you ask?

Marriage troubles come in all shapes and forms.  Not too long ago, my marriage troubles came in the form of freakishly frozen pipes that left me without water for 21 days.  YES 21 DAYS!  And let me be frank, with 4 kids – NOT having water for 21 days in the dead of winter is something that no marriage (or mother for that matter) can ever prepare for.

Worse, the whole thing was my husbands fault. We were in the midst of a freezing spell, and I TOLD my husband to remember to keep the faucet dripping before he went to bed.  He forgot.  And by 6am the next day, the pipes were frozen.  I found out they were frozen as I tried to fill my coffee pot to make my morning brew.  Not having coffee in the morning is enough to make a good day go bad in and of itself….not having water, made it a million times worse. (especially because I told him to leave the pipes dripping)

Of course the problem was that once the pipe froze in one spot, the ice continued on.  And since the temperatures NEVER dropped for a week straight, we ended up with what could be plumbers nightmare (or dream depending on how you look at it).  The pipes were frozen from where they enter the house all the way to the water heater and beyond.

For me this meant the following:

  • No way to do dishes (with 6 people living under one roof)
  • No way to flush the toilet (with 6 people living under one roof)
  • No way to do laundry (with 6 people….you get the point)
  • Trips to the laundry mat
  • Continually filling up a 5 gallon bucket of water from a neighbors hose pipe to keep in the bathroom so I could flush the kids pee.
  • purchasing gallon bottles of water so I could make coffee, brush our teeth, boil water for potatoes etc.
  • Going to families home each and every night for showers (which is a complete pain in the butt)s
  • Using hand sanitizer like crazy to wash hands.

Until you don’t have water in your home, you have no real idea just how much water you use in the course of the day.  While this should have peaked my appreciation, the reality is it nearly cracked my marriage.

See my husband had to go to work every day.  This meant no time for fixing the pipes.  Plus, it took them a good ten days to unthaw.  When they did begin to unthaw, they did so in the form of splintered PVC pipes shooting water in all sorts of wild directions.  A complete and utter mess.

Mu husband the king of ‘do it yourself’ kept saying he would do it.  And then weekends would come and go, and we would still be without water.  Talk about pissed.  And frustrated.  And truly on the brink of divorce.

In those 21 days, I fabricated more dislike for my husband than ever before.  After all it was HIS fault.  He’s the one who didn’t leave the pipe dripping.  He’s the one that watched Sports Center instead of getting our water fixed.  And despite the fact that trenching under our house, replacing all the pipes was more work than I could even fathom – I wanted from somewhere deep inside myself for him to be punished for his irresponsible actions.

So one morning as I sat at the laundry mat doing umpteen loads of laundry in disgusting washers where strangers had washed their underwear before me - then waiting over an hour for all of these loads to dry…. Idecided.  It was either hire a plumber, or get a divorce.

We opted for the first choice.

So my wisdom for today…..remember to leave your pipes drippingAnd do it YOURSELF instead of relying on someone else to do it.  And hire a freaking plumber (or landscaper, electrician, construction worker etc.) rather than rely on your husband to be Mr. Fix it Upper.  I promise you, it WILL save your marriage!



THIS is a SPONSORED Post by Rotorooter, although all the opinions and scenarios included are my own.

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  1. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo

  2. Amanda says:

    Ha ha, SO true!!
    New follower from the blog hop

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much! Will be over to visit you and your site shortly! Maybe we could exchange guest posts at some point to help drive traffic and work together! Thanks again

  3. Hi I am following you on Twitter and agree with this post. I have a t least 2 guys on speed dial who I call when things go wrong in the house. My husband has never been the fit-it guy and would leave it to me get things fixed.
    I wish he was more involved sometimes, but it does save a marriage.

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