The Problem with Teenagers

It’s funny.  But when I first had children, I felt pretty much overcome with the realization that these ungrateful mongers were taking over my life.  Sure, it was worth it and all that – and when things were too bad, one sniff of Johnsons Lavender Baby wash, and I was smitten again.


Then.  They grew up.  Now, in place of a set of twins who epitomized sweetness, sits two teenage girls whose communication is constantly dripping with disdain.  Asking them to flush their own turd down the toilet can be enough ammunition to start a full fledged war.  I have good kids, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  But I realized that the problem with teenagers is that they can and will talk back.  Years ago, they would cry when I took their toy away.  They would pout when I wouldn’t allow them to eat cake for dinner.  But now….they actually talk about it.


I have told one of my girls that if she doesn’t become a lawyer the world is certainly missing out.  She will argue to obvious to the point where I sometimes find myself second guessing my decisions.  Then, I have to remind myself that I am the boss as far as they are concerned and that I am in charge here, not them.

I would easily replace the days of talking about everything with simply allowing them to pout, or sit in the corner facing the refrigerator while they grudgingly sit through a time out.  Compared to this….this constant dialogue and frequent attacks and reasoning – life was easy back in the day.

I have summed it up this way.  The problem with teenagers is that they KNOW just enough to make them stupid.  They have half the story all the time.  And they believe their half of the story whole heartedly.  So they talk.  And talk.  And talk.  Way too much.  So much so, that I have wondered if I need to dig the time out chair out of the attic and sit it in front of the refrigerator so they could sit and pout in silence again.

Or shit, it might be a great place for me to sit.