Freeing My Mind Friday!

This is Momspirational, right?  Which means I am supposed to provide you with inspiration, wellbeing, wisecracks and wisdom that will fill you to the gills with happiness and glee, and thoughts of peace, unicorns and rainbows. 

The problem is I have to actually HAVE those things to share them, and at this very moment – I feel overwhelmed, frustrated and generally irritated about some really stupid little things going in my life.  All at once. 

So today, I am getting them off my chest!

I am unloading.  I am releasing.  Some people write their problems down on little pieces of paper and burn them away into the Universe, I am going to blog about them.

Because essentially, the point is – that we have to be able to somehow communicate what troubles us in order to let it out…..And pretending to be happy when we are not doesnt always work.  And sometimes, LIFE IS FRUSTRATING and that is OKAY!  Get it, it’s okay for things to suck sometimes……

So here goes! In no specific order.

1.  My driver side inside door handle doesnt work.  So I have to roll down the window, and open it from the outside lest I be trapped in my car.  Now, suddenly – right on schedule, my power window is acting like an asshat, which has me getting out my passenger side door when the kids arent there to open my door for me.  (And sometimes, just to ‘tease’ me my kids stand outside the door and just wave at me.  Easy fix, right?  If I had $225 to spend on my car.

2.  I am out of Q-TIPS, and despite the fact that I wrote QTIPS on my hand yesterday to remind me to get them, I keep forgetting.  And my ears are driving me freaking insane.  This morning, I used a toothpick covered in a napkin.

3.  I need to come up with $4,200 dollars for a braces down payment and for a medical procedure.

4.  The facebook to twitter automatic post/share/link feature is acting like a freaking twit.

5.  My 5 year old has been sick, to some degree, since school started.  Now, its some mysterious backlash virus causing an ugly skin rash that no doctor seems to know how to cure.  UGH!

6.  My almost 15 year olds keep talking on and on and on and on AND ON about getting their learners license in December, and I. Am. Just. Not. Ready. To. Go There.

7. I have a dog locked up in a large dog pen because he is aggressive toward everyone in the world but our family.  He is unhappy in the pen.  But I cannot let him out to run with the others, because he is a liability.  And I cant bring him to the pound and hope he is adopted out because he bites people.  And I hate the thought of having him put down.

8.  There is not one single day on the calender for the next 4 weeks that doesnt have some “TO DO” penciled in.

9. I ran out of flooring to finish my daughters room renovation.  When I went to get some more to finsih the job, they suddenly dont sell the crap anymore – and I cannot find the product anywhere on the face of the Earth. Really!?  Was there some recall I was not made aware of?

10. Plantar fascitis is pissing me off.  I havent worked out in over 3 weeks because of my feet.  And I am a much nicer person when I work out every day.  All I can do is wait it out, stretch, ice, and wait some more.  I am not a patient person.

11.  I NEED to go grocery shopping.  But my mind has somehow turned off the motivation to do so because I absolutely HATE large scale grocery shopping.  This means we are constantly OUT of something, which is also irritating. But lately, all I can muster up the motivation to handle are quick trips into the store to get what I need (except for QTIPS of course) and get the hell out of there.

12.  The election crap.  I am tired of hearing about it.  Worrying about it.  It’s like the entire world has been blown up with a bomb full of bullshit from BOTH parties, and we are left to live immersed in it.  Enough. Already.

There, and as I hit PUBLISH – all of these problems willl not go away.  But at least they will be a well organized, thought out unleashing of all the things that are bothering me so I can MOVE ON and continue being grateful.

PLEASE…..feel free to use the comment section to rant and rave about the little things pissing you off!  Please, so I dont feel like I am the only one in the world stressing about little things.


To the People I want to Punch in the Face

I don’t normally have anger issues. I really don’t. (I swear I have never even spanked my kids – which isn’tt to say they haven’t deserved it from time to time) I can always manage a way to find the Zen moments in life and tend to lean toward the friendly yang rather than his evil twin sister yin. (Yin-yang, get it? LOL)

At any rate, it seems that the last few days – oh hell weeks, there have been more than a few people that have royally pissed me off. So much so, that I thought about hanging piñatas throughout my house to fulfill the innate desire I have to punch these folks in the face. Because punching folks in the face is not really a viable option. (Is it?)

Today, I figured I would vent the best way I know how. Writing! I don’t care if the people who have peed on my cheerios as of late find twisted satisfaction from the knowing that they have managed to sway my peace loving ship toward the dark side. I’m calling all of you out!


  • First, but certainly not least on my list, is the nice satellite television  provider that I have been doing business with for, oh say — 15  YEARS!  (Insert screams) When you  say you are going to be at my house between 8am  and noon, don’t call me at 4pm to ask me where the hell I am?  Do these idiots have any idea what a rainy summer day is like cooped up in a home with 4 children without television.  And seriously, I got up early – put on a  stinking bra and waited around all morning for you to get here. Screw you…


  • To the  nice people over at Keurig.  I was  super excited when I received one of your expensive (but oh so delicious) coffee pots for Christmas.  But….I  have been waiting on a replacement part that you told me you were shipping for FREE for 3 months now.  In the meantime, I bought a $10 coffee  pot.  5, yes 5 phone calls later and the part is still on its way. (Sort of like the checks in the mail if you  ask me)  Supposedly, it has been mailed on 4 different occasions.  I imagine that someone in Indonesia  is wondering why the heck they keep receiving an itty-bitty washer from  Keurig, because they certainly haven’t shipped it to my house.  Idiots!  For a $120 coffee pot, I expected better customer service.


  • To my  family.  Hello, do any of you see the trash on the floor?  I’m literally tripping over empty soda cans, and stepping on potato chip  crumbs while you ALL act as if I am completely insane when I tell you to pick up your trash. And for the  record, I see the Little Debbie wrappers in between the couch cushions. 


  • The  fools who drive their tractors on the road, carrying hay, going like 6 mph  down one lane roads, when I have somewhere to be.  Even if I didnt have somewhere to be, this would annoy me.  Could YOU MOVE over and let those of us driving real vehicles by you?  Because NO, I don’t find your tractor  sexy. (Now Kenny Chesney, he’s sexy)


  • I don’t  have a degree in technology.  And sometimes, well I just need to speak to a live person on the phone to help me with my  troubles.  Someone who speaks  English.  I have decided to completely boycott all the online companies that REFUSE to display their  phone number, or that constantly redirect you to some phony support tab.  And if I have to call at 5am, just to get a customer service person on the phone that speaks English because you are taking advantage of foreign workers – you lost my vote too.


  • The complete morons at the new store hosting a Grand OPENING, who thought they  only needed one person to work the register.  Really? Sort of like throwing a frat party with a 6 pack of beer.  (Boy do those folks need a woman running things)


And sadly, this is just THIS weeks vents!! 

So tell me, who has pissed you off later.