Beating the Clock

If you walked in my house right at this very moment, you would see that depending on what clock you looked at – it would be a different time.  The clock on my oven, which is the first one you see – is blinking noon (or midnight) and has been for weeks.  Yet somehow, I always know what time it is. 

When you have children it seems like suddenly you become addicted to knowing what time it is.  Is it time for nap?  Is it time for a bottle?  Is it time for a bath?  Is it time for bed?  Is it time for dinner, time for school, time for a snack or time for a favorite show. 

Then they grow up and it becomes a race against time just to get them every where they need to go in time with enough time left to get everything else done.  UGH! And so the clock obsession continues. 

Yes, it is annoying but if you come into my home, you wont know full well what time it is.  And I sort of like it that way.  Each day begins with an alarm clock that tells me its time to get up.  But you know what, I am up anyways.  So do I really need to live my life confined by a clock?  My kids (and me) are always on time despite my schizophrenic clock issues. 

The lesson here is simple.  If you are constantly keeping track of time – you are missing out on spending your time wisely.  Be honest, you know when the time has come, when the time is right and when the time is now…after all, you are a mother.  Do you really need a clock to remind you of how many minutes you have left before you have to start the next best thing?  I think not.