Testy Toddlers……

Yeah.  So by now you probably know that toddlers are testy little creatures who can be tricky to handle.  Truth be told, children in general can be sort of annoying and generally frustrating to deal with.

It’s funny, but for me looking at toddlerhood in reverse, it is easy to see why toddlers behave the way they do.  And, with teenagers in my home now – I would gladly take the tyrannical tirades of a 3-year-old over the general bitchiness of a teenager any day of the week.

While you might never be able to explain what makes them play in their own poo – hopefully todays article over at EverdayFamily will help you understand why toddlers are so darn testy.

What do you think? Do some of the constraints of toddlerhood give toddlers an excuse for acting the way they do?