5 Engaging Easter Play Activities for Your Baby

Sensory play is an integral part of early childhood education, stimulating various aspects of a child's development. As Easter approaches, themed sensory play activities can add a festive touch to your child's playtime. Here are 5 engaging Easter sensory play activities that your baby will absolutely love!

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Why Sensory Play Is Essential for Your Child

Sensory play is a crucial part of a child's development. It aids in building nerve connections in the brain's pathways, leading to the child's ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play also aids in the development of fine motor skills and promotes problem-solving and scientific thinking.

Sensory play is vital in helping children explore their world, and themed sensory play activities make this exploration even more exciting. Our Easter-themed sensory play activities are perfect for this purpose!

Easter Sensory Play Activities for Your Baby

1. Homemade Peeps Playdough

 Homemade Peeps Playdough is a fun, squishy, and stretchy playdough activity that mimics the feel of the iconic marshmallow Peeps. This activity allows children to shape and mold their own Easter creations, encouraging creativity and fine motor skills development.

2. Plastic Easter Egg Wash

Plastic Easter Egg Wash involves creating a sensory bin filled with water, soap bubbles, and plastic Easter eggs. This activity allows children to explore different textures as they wash, rinse, and dry the eggs, promoting sensory integration and practical life skills.

3. Easter Slime

Create a batch of Easter Slime using glue, borax, and Easter-themed glitter. This mesmerizing sensory experience offers tactile exploration and scientific discovery opportunities.

4. Plastic Easter Egg Oobleck

Explore the fascinating properties of oobleck—a non-Newtonian fluid—by mixing cornstarch and water in a sensory bin filled with plastic Easter eggs. This Plastic Easter Egg Oobleck activity allows children to experiment with unique textures and observe fluid and solid-like behavior.

5. Pompom Easter Sensory Bin

Fill a sensory bin with pastel-colored pompoms and plastic eggs to create a Pompom Easter Sensory Bin. This activity allows kids to engage in sensory play by scooping, pouring, and sorting the pompoms, thereby developing hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Bonus Easter Sensory Play Ideas

  • Easter Egg Ice Play: Freeze small plastic eggs in water and let your child explore the melting process with warm water and tools.
  • Sensory Egg Shakers: Fill plastic eggs with rice, beans, or beads to create DIY egg shakers for auditory play.
  • Texture Easter Eggs: Create texture eggs with simple fillings like rice and flour for an easy and fun sensory play activity.                                                 

Free Printable Easter Sensory Play Guide

You can also grab our free Easter sensory play guide for a quick access to directions and supplies needed for these activities.


Sensory play activities are perfect for keeping young ones engaged, even more so when they're holiday-themed. These Easter sensory play activities are not only fun but also greatly beneficial for your child's development. So, why wait? Get started with these activities and make this Easter memorable and educational for your little one!

You can always explore more about sensory play with our Ultimate Sensory Play Guide. It offers a wide range of sensory play ideas that are sure to keep your child engaged and learning.

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